New album coming early 2020

For two weeks in the summer we set up a mobile studio in the empty home of my Grandparents in Woodbury, Tennessee. Writing these songs has been a 15 year process and is a recording project I’ve dreamed about for years. Currently aiming for an early 2020 release; stay tuned here to find out more. You can also visit the Kickstarter page for previews of tracks and other behind the scenes info on the project. ~Stephen

New Kickstarter Campaign Successful

The Kickstarter campaign wrapped up on June 21st successfully.  Recording will begin in July for the Family Album. Find out more below, plus a preview of the songs.

If you meant to contribute and missed the deadline no worries.  You can still contribute by my Paypal button: (*just leave a note for your reward selection)
Or go to my Paypal Donate Page:

While we successfully raised enough funding to begin recording the album, it isn’t close to covering the full cost of recording and manufacturing.  Every dollar helps speed up the release and here at Locke Creek Records (that’s me), we are eternally grateful.