Next Nashville Show: The 5 Spot

Iowa & Nebraska dates ~ March 2022

Headed out for a run of weekend shows just as the weather is (fingers crossed) improving. You can catch the dates on my calendar page.

  • Friday, March 4th @ Mistress Brewing, Ankeny, Iowa
  • Saturday, March 5th @ Buck’s Bar & Grill, Venice, Nebraska
  • Sunday, March 6th @ Byron’s, Pomeroy, Iowa

Hope to see you out there, ~S

-poster for Byron’s by the talented Mark Gerking


The new EP “Honey From a Spoon” will be released on my Bandcamp page January 24, 2022. The EP will be available on other digital streaming platforms later in 2022. On Sunday January 23, 2022 I will be previewing songs on Bandcamp’s Live platform. Tickets to the live stream also come with a copy of the new EP.

New Single: “US”

I recorded this at home back in April 2020 during the shutdown, and my longtime buddy/drummer Matt Crouse produced the track at his home studio ( with remote contributions from: Mike Jackson, Molly Jewell, Joe Martino, Alex McCollough)

This photo is from around the time I recorded it and the track sounds as moody as I felt most days walking around a deserted downtown Nashville week after week. 

available now on Bandcamp, streams everywhere beginning 2.14.21

New album Release July 28th, 2020

The new album official release date is set for July 28th, 2020. It is now available as a pre-order on my BANDCAMP page. There are also two bonus tracks on the Bandcamp release. These are two songs written by my Grandmother that I covered with my Dad and Uncle. They are not on the official album release. You can get it early there, though international shipping times are being delayed because of the ongoing covid pandemic.